We can serve your creative demands conveniently and with better quality. Our studio engineers have solid experience in the recording industry (rock, pop, rap, acoustic, electronic music) and can find a suitable sound character and quality for each artist. Online service is available. We also work together with producers and artists in studio. 

Following artists used our service: Onyx, Smex, Пилот, Docent (Distemper), The Chemodan, Sonshi Alef, Black buttons, Escape the void, Sattuma, Still Pluto, Vosmoy, Asshole's syndicate, Blackjack, Cadeu, Materic, Are you, Brave rockets, Suokas, Ilmu, Mosss, Ascetiks and many others

How to order online: Send us a premix of your track in mp3 format, attach the reference tracks with a sound that you would like to hear. A multitrack of your project to be sent with files *.wav or *.aiff in 24bit format, with a sampling rate not lower than 44100 khz, to your preferred file hosting service. Specify your wishes on the expected sound as detailed as possible.

Payment: You can pay your order with a credit / debit card or payment Paypal

Сведение рок рэп поп мультитрека с гаражным звучанием европейским качеством за доступную цену мастеринг студия звукозаписи


- multitrack (up to 32 channels)

- material is fully prepared for mixing by the customer, and does not require any corrections in tracks

- you have an opportunity to make changes twice in mix  

- mastering is included in the price


- multitrack (up to 48 channels)
- tracks require editing
- tracks require tuning
- requires reamping or triggering
- you have an opportunity to make changes twice in mix  
- mastering is included in the price
- mastering for itunes is included in the price

Karelia, Petrozavodsk,

Gogolya str., 21а

тел.: +7 (921) 726-05-35

+7 (909) 568-16-94

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